Save The World From An Unseen Killer

The visible plastic floating in the ocean is just the tip of the iceberg.

Thousands of sea animals are absorbing microplastics in what looks like clean water.
So are we. Here’s why.

Finer than an eyelash, microplastics slip through washing machine filters into rivers and oceans where fish ingest them.

Six million plastic fibers were released the last time you washed your yoga pants.

Our healthy lifestyles are killing our greatest natural resource: local waters.

DGI Has Developed a Solution

We’re designing a filter, in partnership with zNano, first for commercial washing machines that capture up to 99% of those particles.

We’re washing the water clean.


Polyester, nylon, acrylic and other synthetic fibers –- all forms of plastic — are now about 60% of the material in our clothes. Plastic fibers we can’t see are leached into the environment. Once they enter the ocean’s food chain, they end up on our dinner plates.

All water is local. It’s elemental.

DGI and zNano have experience cleaning it.

Partner with us to accelerate a pilot program to eliminate microplastics in our local waters.

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We don’t just dive into clean water initiatives.

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