Our investments are as complex as repairing H20, as straightforward as data mining and as emotional as preserving an ideal.

DGI and zNanoMembrane’s Polyester Microfiber Filter removes up to 99% of water contaminants.

  • It’s easy to install.

  • Its metal filter has an indefinite life.

  • It filters out polyester microfibers, lint and metals, coins and buttons.

  • It’s fail-safe, with a back-up overflow system.

  • It’s easy to clean, with reusable metal filter and fiber filter replacements.

  • It work with any combination of front loading waters and extractors.

As lead investor, Peter has allowed us to focus on research that over time will change the accessibility of water. Not a day goes by where water pollution, lack of clean water and concerns over water recycling is not in the news. zNano is developing solutions to these problems as quickly as funding and distribution allow.

– Adrian Brozell, Founder, CEO & Chief Scientist

DGI is a supporter of Senzing, a Smart Entity Resolution, which uses information from billions of records and hundreds of data sources to provide identification of people anywhere and everywhere.

Death Valley Junction |
Amargosa Opera House

It is so important to have the guidance of a global thinker who also understands the critical needs of a small desert community (because he grew up in one) working to preserve its history while accommodating the destination’s potential for growth.

Peter doesn’t just invest here. He is truly invested.

– Bobbi Fabian, General Manager