About DGI

We’re excited about the potential to solve real-world problems.

DGI searches out unique technologies and opportunities that can have a significant positive impact on the environment, benefit society or demonstrate the value of art and history – to inform the present by preserving both.


When you grow up in a mining camp in the Mojave Desert, you see and learn a lot of things. Everybody works because there’s a lot to do. And if you don’t want to work, well, you move back to town. In a mining camp it doesn’t take long to find out who someone really is.

When you open the tap in a mining camp, water doesn’t come out unless you work to get it there. When you want trees for shade in the summer, first you have to plant them and then you water them by hand. When you grow up in a desert mining camp… when the view out your back door is nothing but cacti, sage and distant mountains… when the light at sunset on the eastern mountain slopes is different every evening… when you meet someone who’s been called to the desert to fulfill their life’s work… then you’ll have met someone like me, Peter Simon, founder of Diamond Gold Investors.

DGI is the lead investor in zNanoMembranes, whose founder is dedicated to the ideal of clean water.

DGI is an investor in Senzing, a company whose technology is designed to find out who someone really is.

DGI is a patron to Death Valley Junction’s Amargosa Opera House, its walls covered in murals painted by Marta Becket who dedicated her life to the arts in DVJ. 

DGI was also investor and advisor to Las Vegas Rock, a LEED-certified quarry whose main products are a sand that improves the efficiency of underground irrigation and a crushed rock that reduces the amount of water needed to grow trees.

Explore this site to learn more about DGI and what we do, or text me at 702-376-0005.

Yours truly,
Peter and the DGI team

Meet The Team

DGI Creatives

DGI benefits from a variety of creative sources. Two specifically assist in communicating the DGI message through marketing materials in print, digital, web and social: Amy K. Brown and Jeffrey Samorano.