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Peter A. Simon II


General Counsel

Joy Simon



  • Diamond Gold Investors
    395 Sunset Road
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

Peter personally experienced the importance of water as a small boy growing up in a desert mining camp. When he saw joy on old men’s faces as they struck water in a second well, it was as clear as a Patagonia trout stream. Water – the commodity over which wars have been fought – is as essential as earth, air and fire.

Growing up in Jean, Nevada, and working at Pop’s Oasis, the commercial part of the mining camp, Peter also learned to think outside the box to help a business thrive. That’s why he purchased Bonnie and Clyde’s “death car” to display at Pop’s Oasis; he knew the charismatic attraction would draw visitors. And it sure did.

What’s the thread of connection between Peter’s early informative experiences and his current passion for water technology? In the desert water is life. Water is more precious than diamonds or gold.

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    “Money managers are a like a bunch of cod fishermen after all the cod’s been overfished. They don’t catch a lot of cod, but they keep fishing in the same waters. Maybe they should move to where the fish are.” – Charlie Munger, from a January 2019 interview in the Wall Street Journal

    DGI fishes where the fish are plentiful.

    In his younger years growing up in a mining camp, Peter would camp out and dig for fossils. Now he digs in to help develop technologies that search out bad guys (Senzing), repair water so it’s fit to drink (zNano) and preserve the artistry of a single remarkable woman, Marta Becket (Death Valley Junction and the Amargos Opera House).

    It’s an esoteric roadmap but, well, so is DGI.