I guess I’ve become a blogger.

Never thought that would happen, primarily because I don’t have that much to say and what I do have is often offensive to some. So, read at your own peril.

Full Disclosure (as the current zeitgeist requires): I’m the lead investor in a company, zNano Water Tech, whose mission is twofold:

1.) contribute to the public good by making some technologies available to the water repairing community through open source designs, e.g. a micro-fiber filter for commercial laundries (see below) and,

2.) to make money through an R&D process that improves the function of membranes in separating good molecules from bad ones. In other words, filtering out suspended solids (aka filter water is icky) or, molecular separation in water that appears clean but isn’t.

I’m also the managing partner of Diamond Gold Investors, LLC. It’s the entity that funds zNano. It’s a friends and family kind of thing. We invest or manage (or both) a few odd ball things – as you can see because you’re on this site already. I also make the F & F support the arts because life is about more than revenue.

Take laundry water, please (just joking). It’s nasty, especially laundry water from commercial laundries, your dry cleaner or fluff and fold, your mother-in-law (another joke). Anyway, there’s lots of stuff in there. Some of those things are polyester micro-fibers. Read about how bad they are. It’s a 3-part series written by Mary Catherine O’Conner. Read the whole thing, like Mikey (I’m dating myself). It’ll get you out of your yoga pants (women) or spandex biker gear (men) and into a judogi or cotton shorts.

N.B. (Nota Bene, i.e. Note to reader, see what you learn by reading): My friend’s 14-year-old daughter is a 3rd degree black belt in weapons, basically sticks. This is something ever young girl should know how do. She wears a judogi.

I’ll stop now and let Susan and Kim, DGI’s crack marketing team (I highly recommend getting in touch if you need help there) have a look at this post because I believe what Bernard Arnoult said to Harriet Agnew in her column, Lunch with the FT (which is behind a paywall), “The biggest advantage is that it allows you to hire the best people.” Let individual brands enjoy creative freedom while having the backing … of a big group behind them. That’s what I want to build with DGI. More later.

All the best,