We attended GIIN’s 2019 Investor Forum in Amsterdam last week with 1200 other impact investors and investment professionals. GIIN (the Global Impact Investing Network) produced two full days of panels, lectures and other events where speakers demonstrated that impact capital can be high-performing, makes a big difference in the world, and must be scaled to meet great needs around the globe. Methodologies to measure impact are increasingly sophisticated as well, and will help us aim investments in the right directions to support the best possible outcomes.

We at DGI are impact investors, currently in the water + technology space, and look forward to putting to work some of the ideas we heard at #GIINFORUM2019. As Swedfund’s CEO Maria Hakansson said, “Capital has great power in the investor community and with that comes a great responsibility for us as impact investors to ensure that capital is mobilized where real impact can be made.”

Read highlights here.