A recent Rockefeller Foundation report says many investors consider their financial advisors to be roadblocks to finding impact investment opportunities. In particular, investors cite “difficulty sourcing credible investment advice” as the main challenge. In this day and age, financial advisors who want to thrive need to be experts on impact investing.

Some 86 percent of millennials are interested in impact investing, according to the Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing. They’re the future of our planet and the future of our financial system.

In a recent article in Financial Advisor magazine, author and advisor Justin Conway outlines these and other reasons why advisors must be informed about #impinv. Investing that considers environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria now accounts for one in four dollars under professional management – $12 trillion. We can do some serious good with that money, but we also need more. Investors want to help. It’s the job of investment advisors to guide them toward investments that will provide meaningful, measurable impact as well as good returns.