The world has changed almost overnight. More than ever, washing our hands is one of the day’s most important rituals, repeated over and over. Gratitude for clean water is also part of that ritual, for those of us lucky enough have it. And soap – that simplest of interventions – now feels worth its weight in gold.

As an impact investor I focus on ways to bring clean water to more people, ways to clean and reuse that precious resource. This week I understand better than ever the magic of water + soap. Behind that magic, of course is science. Soap does more than help rinse the coronavirus from our hands, says Vox science writer Brian Resnick; it actually destroys the virus.

Resnick talked with a chemistry professor who explained why washing our hands for at least 20 seconds is important and how soap kills the COVID-19 virus. Check out Resnick’s article for the details, including a link to the professor’s Twitter thread expounding on the wonders of soap, and this accompanying video showing the basics of how soap works. Now, go wash your hands!