The Financial Times is hosting its “Investing for Good USA 2019” conference in New York tomorrow. The subtitle is “Mobilizing private capital to meet the SDGs,” referring to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

FT this year launched the FT Moral Money initiative, perhaps named after the social media hashtag #moralmoney, and this conference is part of that effort. The event is designed to bring together foundations, family foundations, institutional investors, wealth managers, social entrepreneurs and similar others. To really make a global difference, we do need to build ever more critical mass in the impact investment sector.

Linking investments to the UN’s SDGs is a great cause, but understanding which investments will make a real difference, how we measure impact, and how to identify which investments will do well while doing good comprise an entire sector of economic research. After all, we can only #impactinvest if investors are seeing returns. So it’s great to see the big players joining in and providing information and tools. You can subscribe to FT’s Moral Money newsletter here.