“At the cost of just one cup of coffee every week, you can stop sending plastic fibers into the environment,” Planet Care tells us on their website.

We need to stop plastic pollution at every source, and our the experts at Planet Care have a device to stop it at your washing machine. Thanks to our friends at Plastic Soup Foundation for letting us know about the filters.

Yes, the seemingly innocent act of washing clothes made with polyester, nylon, acrylic and other synthetic fibers releases plastics into the wastewater. That’s why impact investors are backing development of innovative filters to scoop up as many of the particles as possible. Planet Care offers consumer filters for home washers and industrial filters for Laundromats and other high-volume washing enterprises.

Their website provides consumer education through a series of videos, including “Microplastics Journey,” which explains the links between “fast fashion” and endangerment of sea animals.

“Most of us have learned to understand there was a need to start saving on water and energy consumption,” Planet Care says on their website. “Yet surprisingly few are aware of the problems that microfibers can cause. Once entering our waters they attract toxins, pesticides, industrial chemicals and pathogenic bacteria. Being so tiny, fish confuse them for plankton and that is how they enter our food chain – causing severe poisoning, genetic disruption, infertility and diseases.”

To order a filter, just click on this button on their home page: “Cut my fiber emissions by 90%.”