We can stand by and watch the climate crisis unfold, or we can use impact investing to put our money to work to stop the advance. Leslie Samuelrich, who leads Green Century Capital Management, outlines in a new article the increasing interest among investors in the ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) space.

Interest in SRI (sustainable, responsible, and impact) investing grows larger every year. “Sustainable funds attracted an estimated $8 billion in net flows in the first half of 2019, vastly eclipsing the $5.5 billion in flows for all of 2018,” Samuelrich says. “All told, SRI investing assets now account for one in four dollars in total assets under professional management in the United States,” according to the 2018 US SIF (The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment) Trends Report.

Samuelrich says she believes three factors will ensure this growth in SRI investing continues: the climate crisis, the material risks associated with the climate crisis, and the climate focus among millenials. We agree. It’s important than ever to combine doing well with doing good.